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The Vanderoo app is the ultimate platform for Nomads.

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Get Discounts at Nearby Businesses

With Vanderoo, app users can easily locate businesses in their area that offer exciting discounts. Our interactive map feature makes it simple to find merchants along highways and roadways, and take advantage of the discounts they have to offer.

Referral Program with Community Impact

The Vanderoo team believes in the power of community. App users can refer businesses to sign up on our platform using their referral codes. When a community member's referral code is used, 75% of the discount ad revenue goes directly to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, HOWA (Homes On Wheels Alliance). Even without a community member's referral code, 50% of the discount ad revenue goes to HOWA.

Supporting HOWA - Homes On Wheels Alliance

HOWA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. Vanderoo is proud to partner with HOWA, ensuring that a significant portion of ad revenue generated by our platform is used for battling homelessness, creating community for Senior Citizens and others, and fostering good stewardship of our public lands.

Useful App Features coming soon!

Look forward to meaningful and useful app features to be released in the near future. The Vanderoo team is working tirelessly to benefit all forms of travelers, while making the world a better place.


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